Appreciative Inquiry: New Model of Change Management

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  • Published : February 10, 2011
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MGMT 655 Change Management
Spring 2011
Dr. Joe Briscoe

Appreciative Inquiry
Team Members
Anand Girap
Avinash Shah
Emilios Parperides
Justin Woo
Prasanna Ramakrishnan

Appreciative Inquiry is a particular way
* Asking questions
* Envisioning the future
* Fosters positive relationships
* Builds on the basic goodness in
* A person
* A situation
* An organization.
What is Appreciative Inquiry?
Connecting an organization’s best past to its dream future Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a new model of change management, uniquely suited to the values, beliefs, and business challenges facing managers and leaders today. It is a process for large-scale change management that can enable you to engage and inspire your highly diverse and dispersed workforce; to involve customer and other stakeholders in the future of your business; to discover and extend your business strengths and strategic advantages; and to balance outstanding financial returns with heighted societal contributions AI is, as Professor Robert Quinn at University of Michigan has recently written, "creating a positive revolution in the field of organization development and change management." Why? One clue lies in how Ai turns the practice of change management inside out. It proposes, quite bluntly that organizations are not, at their core, problems to be solved. Just the opposite. Every organization was created as solution designed in its own time to meet a challenge or satisfy a need of society. Even more fundamentally, organizations are centers of vital connections and life-giving potentials: relationships, partnerships, alliances, and ever-expanding webs of knowledge and action that are capable of harnessing the power of combinations of strengths. Founded upon this life centric view of organizations, AI offers a positive, strengths-based approach to organization development and change management. Imagine Possibilities

“I have a dream.”
In AI,...
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