Appreciation for the Little Things in Life - Essay

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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Appreciation for the Little Things in Life
Ever taken something for granted? Whether it is a day when the sun is out and the cool air counters the relentless heat, or a solid friendship that has been intact since childhood, or an opportunity that leads to an eventful and memorable future. I can say that I have taken numerous things for granted; however, feelings of satisfaction surface as I recount an experience in my life that gave me the opportunity to be productive for the benefit of myself and others. Along with this opportunity, came the chance to truly appreciate those who have encouraged me to pursue greater things in life. It was the middle of the school year and my stress level had definitely blown the roof off. I had homework piling up, tests to study for, exams to take, and deadlines to meet. It was the typical senior year for a typical teenager. However, I would not have considered myself a typical teenager. I had participated in my class council as the vice-president and managed various events for the senior class. Being so, that would not have been so stressful if the worst had not happened: the resignation of the president. Oh, how the building just blew up right then. It is early afternoon on July 12th and the advisors of the Class of 2012 Council orchestrated a brunch in honor of the council members’ hard work throughout the school year. As everyone begins to arrive, I sit outside the chosen restaurant awaiting the orange sign on the window to announce that it’s lunchtime. I dive into my mind thinking about what the day will turn out to be. I don’t have to hope for a good day; it will just be one of those days. I snap out of my reverie and jump off from my elevated chair to make my way to the entrance as the sign flips around. The following day after our president resigned, I was voted into office as her successor. On day number one of my reign as president I realized that there were a lot of things that were left to take care of. Numerous...
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