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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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A Sample Apology Letter
Tim Spencer
16741 North Greasewood Street,
Surprise, AZ,
United States
(623) 583-3500

December 27, 2008

Michelle Anderson
2480 Fairview Avenue North,
Roseville, MN,
United States
(651) 633-4366

Dear Michelle:
I'm really sorry that I could not come to your Christmas party. You had told me about this party and asked me to be there. However, I could not manage reaching the party. I had gone to meet my parents who stay in Chicago last week. While returning from that trip, I met with an accident. I injured my shoulder but now I'm fine. I was advised rest for a week. There fore I could not make it to the party. I should have called you and told you the situation. That just went out of my mind. You had planned about celebrating Christmas with me and friends for a long time. I apologize for ruining your party and having kept you waiting. I can say sorry right now in this letter. And will meet you personally in the coming week to tell you the situation as I will be there for a business meeting. That's all. Looking forward to meet you. Yours truly,


Kenneth Lee
Customer Service Manager
LG World
2310 West Kimberly Road,
Davenport, IA,
United States
(563) 388-6082

Date- May 08, 2008

Patricia Davis
404 Arrowhead Drive,
Denison, IA,
United States
(712) 263-2012

Dear Ms. Davis :

I am writing this letter to convey my apologies for the inconvenience. My company is late in fixing your air conditioner. I just saw the request that you had sent on May 1. I was not in the office and have just returned from a week long holiday. There were many changes in the company during last week and therefore your request was ignored.

I have reviewed your request and will be sending the person to fix your air conditioner by today evening. You had to wait for a week so I will make sure that it is fixed as soon as possible. There will be some problem in valve as you mention that water is leaking out. You need not...
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