Appointment with Love

Topics: Short story, Woman, Fiction Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Danya Menard
April 30, 2013
The wise personality of Hollis Mynell in S. I Kishers “Appointment with Love”
In S. I Kishers short story “Appointment with Love” the character Hollis Mynell was very wise.
For the thirteen months that she and John Blandford had written back and forth, she had refused all his pleas to send her a photograph of herself. She was wise in the fact that she thought if she sent him a photograph, John would only continue to talk to her because she was pretty. Without knowing what she looked like, John would be taking a chance and she would know the feelings he had for her were real.

In another incident that Hollis was wise was when she switched flowers with the old woman on the train. Hollis herself was a woman the Lieutenant Blandford was beautiful. The red rose in which she was supposed to identify herself with was on the coat of a woman well past forty. Hollis walked right past John Blandford. Again she did not want John to be with her only because she was beautiful.

At the end of the short story when the old woman revealed that she was not Hollis was also a clever move. The old woman did not know exactly what was happening. She told John that the real Hollis, the young lady that passed him in the green suit, was waiting for him across the street in a big restaurant. She put john to the test. If his feelings were real he would have stayed with the old woman which he did. If he did not have real feelings for her, he would have followed the real Hollis out of the train station and leave the “fake” Hollis alone. That would have proved to Hollis that John would rather beauty over his real feelings.

In the short story “appointment with love” Hollis Mynell proved to be a wise woman. The tests that she put him through were clever and proved to work in her favor. John was a good man.
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