Appointment Letter

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September 1st, 2011

Dear Mr. Manoj Hajare,

With reference to your application for employment, and the subsequent interviews with us, we are pleased to appoint you in our company as a Business Development Manager based at our Mumbai office.

The company is offering you employment on the following terms and conditions:


1.1You will be appointed to the position of the Business Development Manager. Your designation is merely indicative of the responsibilities, which you are required to carry out. You will perform such duties as are assigned to you by the Company from time to time relating to the position to which you are now appointed and to which you may be transferred / promoted in future.

1.2Your commencement will be effective from September 1st, 2011.

1.3You will report to Bhavesh Mehta and shall be posted at our Mumbai office but will serve the company or any of its subsidiaries or associated Companies.

1.4Your employment with the company is subject to your providing documentary proof of your last drawn salary, educational qualification, work testimonials, certificates, relieving letter if any, and is also conditional upon your being free from any contractual restrictions preventing you from accepting this offer or starting work on the above mentioned date.


2.1 The annual Compensation offered would be Rs 2,58,240/- per annum. Taxes as per the government norms would be deducted from the salary component. Your salary will be subject to Tax Deduction at source according to the prevailing Income Tax Law and other deductions as applicable under Indian laws

2.3 You will be eligible for annual performance appraisals after confirmation. A performance review may or may not result in salary change depending on the performance of the individual as well as performance of the company.


3.1 You shall serve a probationary period of One month from the date of joining. Upon satisfactory completion of a probation period you shall be confirmed as a permanent employee of the company after a performance appraisal.

3.2 The company reserves the right to either extend the probationary period or invoke in the event that your performance does not meet expectations. During the period of probation, the management may terminate giving 7 days notice or payment of 7 days salary in lieu thereof.

4.Working Hours

4.1 Normal 8 hours are determined by the company but you shall undertake to work outside of these hours, where necessary and reasonably required, in response to work exigencies. Your work timings will start from 10.00 am onwards from Monday to Saturday.


5.1 You must provide your services exclusively to the company.

5.2You are required to be flexible and to undertake all duties normally and reasonably associated with your role. We may require you to undertake reasonable Alternative duties in addition to, or instead of your normal duties.

5.3You are expected to comply with all the Company’s rules, policies and Procedures from time to time in force.

6.Annual Leave

6.1 The Employee shall be entitled to have Annual Leave according to the company rules after completion of one year, details of which are mentioned below. The company leave benefits include:

10 yearly paid leave apart from that every holiday by you would indulge in deduction of your Salary.

All leave shall be taken in the year it falls due, and at such time as shall be convenient to the Company, although every effort will be made to accommodate your requests. Leave is accounted for on a calendar year basis and leave accumulated in any year must be taken in that year, or it may be subject to forfeiture.

7.Termination of Employment

7.1 Conditions

The company may terminate your employment at any time without any reasons by giving the 30 days written notice on either...
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