Applying Watson's Theory to Practice

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Applying Watson's theory to practice
The Free Online dictionary’s definition of caring is: To provide needed assistance or watchful supervision. Jean Watson defined caring as a nurturing response to a patient with whom the nurse feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility (Nursing Theory and Theorist, 2008). Jean Watson began developing her theory in 1979. She published her first book in 1979, her second in 1985. Her intention was to develop and define caring as a science. She wanted to separate the nursing process from the practice of medicine. Through research and experience, she intended to prove her theory (Quizon, Panganiban, Pecson, Pecson, Pedalizo, & Piczon, 2008). Major Concepts of Watson’s theory

Her theory has three major parts. The ten carative factors, the transpersonal relationship, and the caring occasion/caring moment. The ten carative factors are the structure for the science of caring. These factors are (Nursing Theories, 2010) 1.The formation of a humanistic- altruistic system of values. 2.The installation of faith-hope.

3.The cultivation of sensitivity to one’s self and to others. 4.The development of a helping-trust relationship
5.The promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings. 6.The systematic use of the scientific problem-solving method for decision making 7.The promotion of interpersonal teaching-learning.

8.The provision for a supportive, protective and /or corrective mental, physical, socio-cultural and spiritual environment. 9.Assistance with the gratification of human needs.
10.The allowance for existential-phenomenological forces (Nursing Theories, 2010). The nurse-patient relationship, or the transpersonal caring relationship, occurs when the nurse goes beyond her education and training. It is when the nurse sees past the illness and there is a concern for the person, not just the “patient.” The goal of the transpersonal caring relationship is to protect,...
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