Applying Training Concepts

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Applying Training Concepts

After discovering an increase wasted products and plumbing problems in the Environmental Services and Laundry departments, Parkview Healthcare Center has decided to conduct a training needs analysis. Since the problems has been increasing over the past few months, the facility will need to investigate training techniques and other outside factors to determine the cause and develop a resolution for these issues.

Since the gap in performance can be identified in specific departments, the organization need to determine the cause of the gap. To begin, Parkview Healthcare Center decides to start with an organizational analysis. The organization would like to examine the internal factors that may cause the department to perform below standards. The organization examined their policies and procedures, goals and objectives, job design, social influences, job performance, and the systems and practices in place to determine how they affect employee performance.

To gather this information, the organization asked department directors, supervisors, managers and employees specific questions such as, “how do employees know what level of performance is acceptable? How do they find out if their level of performance is acceptable? Is there a formal feedback process? Are there opportunities for help if required? How are the jobs organized? Where does their work/material/information come from, where do they send it when done? What are the goals and objectives of the organization? What is the general feeling in the organization regarding meeting goals and objectives?

After reviewing the results, the company noticed most of the employees are part time but are working full time hours. Even though the employees are working full time hours, they are ineligible for specific benefits such as health insurance, bereavement pay, jury duty pay, and a smaller amount of any bonuses or gift cards given to employees. Another concern was that the employees did not have an performance appraisal done in almost two years. Therefore, there has been no way for employees to know what their level or performance has been. Also, when performance appraisals are not completed, employees does not receive their yearly increase.

The organization then decided to conduct an employee survey which management and employees would anonymously give their feedback on how they felt about the company. Needless to say, the company discovered the employees in Environmental Services and the Laundry department were very unsatisfied with the company. The employees felt the company did not appreciate them and management treated them poorly. The employees also expressed their concern regarding the lack of educational instruction on new products they had to use. Last, to the company's surprise, the departments were considering becoming unionized.

With the new information the company just learned, Parkview Healthcare Center decided to conduct an operational analysis to “determine the requirements, in terms of the tasks required to be carried out and the KSAs required to get the job done.”(Blanchard & Thackard, pg. 98) By examining the requirements, knowledge, and skills needed to work in those departments, it would allow management to have effective training and to know what skills to look for when hiring. To effectively gather the information needed, the company reviewed job descriptions and specifications and performance standards. By reviewing the job descriptions and specifications, it will allow the organization to examine the basic functions of the job. According to Blancard and Thackard, “When analyzing a job, the incumbent needs to provide relevant information about the job; after all, she is the expert regarding how the job is done. Data should also be gathered from the incumbent’s supervisor because • This information provides a different perspective and helps yield a well rounded concept of exactly what is...
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