Applying Strategies for Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Workplace bullying Pages: 10 (2987 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Michael Sheehan and, M. B., & Rayner, C. (1999). Applying strategies for dealing with workplace bullying. International Journal of Manpower, 20(1), 50-56. Retrieved from

Applying strategies for dealing with workplace bullying
Michael Sheehan and Michelle Barker; Rayner, Charlotte. International Journal of Manpower20. 1/2 (1999): 50-56. Turn on hit highlighting for speaking browsers
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This paper provides a brief overview of some of the applied approaches being taken in 4 countries to deal with workplace bullying and services as a preamble to articles by Archer, Crawford, Lewis, Sheehan and Zapf. The work undertaken by the Beyond Bullying Association in Austria and that of the Anti-Bullying Centre in Dublin is discussed. Swedish legislation that addresses bullying and the ways that employers, unions, university researchers and voluntary sector organizations attempt to deal with bullying in the UK is also examined. The likely legal and economic implications for organizations and society are discussed.

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Michael Sheehan and Michelle Barker: Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, and

Charlotte Rayner: Staffordshire University Business School, Stafford, UK


As mentioned in the foreword to this special issue, the articles presented in this section take an applied focus to the problem of workplace bullying. It is not our intention to further summarise the articles at this point. Rather, we turn our attention to some of the ways the problem is being dealt with in some countries as a way of suggesting strategies that might be useful for addressing the problem at a structural level, rather than at the organisational level. Our focus is on socio-political endeavours to influence change in Australia, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden and the UK. Understanding some of the overarching strategies used provides a focus for the articles presented in this section of the special issue. The article concludes with a brief consideration of some of the legal and economic aspects of the problem of workplace bullying.


There are a number of groups in Australia dealing, in part, with the problem of workplace bullying. Groups include unions, the Queensland Working Women's Service and Job Watch Inc., Victoria. Another group is the Beyond Bullying Association Inc., which is the foremost community action group addressing the problem in Australia. This article now describes how the Beyond Bullying Association works to address the problem of workplace bullying.

In 1993, a small group of people concerned about the impact of bullying in various elements of society formed the Beyond Bullying Association, Inc., a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. The association has four aims and objectives. The first is to increase public awareness of bullying and victimisation and the consequences to society. The second is to draw attention to the destructive use of power in modern institutions, and to promote relevant research to address the problem. The third is to provide a mechanism of support and advice for victimised people. The fourth is to influence community and government leaders to address the problem (Beyond Bullying Association Inc., 1997).

Since 1994, the membership and activities of the Association have increased substantially. The Association has held two international conferences. The keynote speaker at the 1994 conference was Delwyn Tattum, well known in the UK for his research into bullying in schools and prisons. Professor Heinz Leymann was the keynote speaker at the 1996 conference. Both these speakers helped the Association work towards achievement of its first aim. A further conference on Abuse by Professionals is being held in July 1999 with Professor Dieter Zapf as keynote speaker. A conference is also envisaged for...
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