Applying Persuasive and Scientific Thinking Solutions

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Science Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: July 21, 2011
To be able to thinking critically persuasively and scientifically is so important in decision making. Persuasive thinking is like art and we either encounter it or practice it without thinking about it on a daily basis. It is the ability to get people to agree with your views or beliefs basing your information on facts and truths. Scientific thinking is the ability to think critically about something and usually seeks to quantify, explain, and predict relationships in nature. (Paul, & Elder, 2003) I am currently faced with two issues: 1. to purchase a home with owner financing 2. to eliminate the mold that keeps reappearing in my home. The first issue requires persuasion and the second requires scientific thinking.

Recently, a home for sale that I have had my eyes on for about a month went into pending status two days ago. This could mean a number of things from receiving an offer to not wanting to work with the listing realtor. This was the perfect home for my family and me. It was close to my in-laws, which solves the babysitting issue, is nice, and affordable. The only thing is that I cannot obtain a loan at the moment even if I can afford it. So, this morning, I took it upon myself to contact the owners to find out what was going on and possibly work out a deal to purchase the home. I had to be persuasive. I need to know why they are selling and if they would be interested in a lease-to-buy option with me.

I introduced myself and after establishing rapport, the owner informed me that they are selling the home because they bought another home across town a few months ago and now cannot afford to make mortgage payments on both homes. I immediately thought to myself, “what a perfect opportunity?” So, after a little while I introduced the idea of lease-to-own. The owner quickly told me that they have never considered the option, but agreed that it would be a great solution to their problem and mine. This will solve their problem by eliminating a...
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