Applying Neuro Language Programming as Coaching Tools

Topics: Scientific method, Programming language, Qualitative research Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: January 19, 2013


Applying Neuro Language Programming as coaching tools in developing confidence among inmates during his sentence at correctional units.

Directorate general of corrections is the state institution that assigned to function the Correctional (Lapas) and sentential (rutan) units. Both units as the Correctional Law no. 14 should manage the inmates based on the human rights. There are a lot of program delivered called “pembinaan” has objective to bring inmates will be a good person when they get back into the society. Besides, during the sentencing, all rights should be protected while the inmates obey to the regulation.


When individual get sentenced into correctional units, he/she will face to shocking surroundings that may be not easy to face. Mostly inmates will have some difficulties, source of potential stress and tension.

On the other hand, the number of the prison officer still much less to compare with the number of inmates. The number of correctional units that face the over capacity has been higher from year to year.

Some programs has been delivered, which is initiated by internal or external to reduce the potential stress and tension. The following problem is the discontinuing of its program regarding the budget or the project delivering.


Neuro Language Programming is the techniques of communication that can be applied by one to one conversation or self conversation. The best way to encourage the research of NLP is qualitative research, combining the case study and experimental methods.

The case study is needed to compile some previous program, which is still or not deliver. The cause of some program stopped is the limitation of budget or the projects that mostly run by international or local organization.The program suitable will re arrange with NLP approach. One of experimental...
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