Applying My Personal Values When Working in Public Relations

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Applying my personal values when working in Public Relations

Naturally everyone has his or her own personal values, which is brought to the work environment. These values are obtained from parents, relatives, teachers, friends and from the surrounding environment. It is the set of personal values that would decide the attitudes and related behaviors that are applied in a job.

If I were to work in a public relations environment, there are a few values I would need to put in practice. They are: Tolerant, Empathy and Non-judgmental.

Generally I am said to be a very tolerant person. I do not get annoyed, angry nor irritated that easily. My friends like me especially for this reason because I never throw a bad temper at them. I find myself usually very patient in situations most of my friends easily get angry about. This value, I think, is very important when dealing with people. In the current fast-changing business world, a lot of people get into complicated situations which require more and more assistance from service providers. Customers need patient listening ears. I believe I have that. Listening patiently and analyzing a given situation before jumping to decisions and conclusions would be what being tolerant is all about. My high level of tolerance will definitely make me a successful PR personnel.

Apart from that, I am said to have a strong concern for people I care about (family and friends) and those around me. High level of empathy is definitely a crucial feature of a PR personnel. It is very necessary to fit into an uncomfortable person’s shoes to understand what the person is going through. Having a soft spot for customers and clients is essential in the PR environment. Being too rigid will only reflect poor customer service. PR is a suitable work area for me because I easily empathize with people in distress. Where possible and necessary, I usually try all my best to solve the problem at hand without further causing unhappiness and pain to...
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