Applying Level Ii Hcpcs Procedure Codes

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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Applying Level II HCPCS Procedure Codes
Administration of a flu vaccine would be between the HCPCS code ranges of G0000-G9999. It is a procedure or professional service that is on a temporary basis. It is assigned by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

A comprehensive oral exam would be coded between the HCPCS ranges of D0000-D9999. The rationale for this range is that these ranges are for dental procedures and an oral exam is specific to the mouth.

Screening for hearing loss would be between the HCPCS code ranges of V5000-V5999. The rationale for these ranges is that these codes pertain to hearing services.
A cortisone injection of 10 milligrams in the right shoulder would be the HCPCS code ranges of J0000-J8999 because this range is for drugs that are administered by other means other than orally.
For alcohol and drug services with regard to case management, the HCPCS code range would be between H0000-H9999. The rationale for the drug and alcohol service range is that the H codes pertain to drug and alcohol treatment services.

B4000-B9999 would be the HCPCS code range of an infusion pump without an alarm. The reason for this range is because B4000-B9999 is the range for parenteral therapy. Parenteral therapy pertains to an infusion pump being administered for the benefit of controlled dosages of medicine entered into the body by other means other than the digestive tract.

P0000-P9999 HCPCS code range would be for Laboratory Certification with cytology specimens because this range pertains to pathology and laboratory services.
HCPCS code range for a chest x ray would be R0000-R59999 because the codes in this range will pertain to diagnostic radiology services.
A knee orthosis that is elastic with stays would fall under the HCPCS code range of L0000-L4999 because this range is regarding orthotic procedures.
A hospital bed with side rails and mattress would fall under the HCPCS coding range of E0000-E9999 because the...
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