Applying Leadership Principles

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Applying Leadership Principles Discussion 4: Effective methods for leadership planning and goal setting: Effective leadership can be defined in many ways, and I believe it all varies on the job itself and the requirements that job would process. An efficient leader encompasses the exemplary ability to multi-task as well as guide the group with focus and direction. The leader must be able to set examples and more importantly, goals for the group as well as each individual and have a clear-cut plan on achieving these goals.

A good leader must also be able to set a good example to their employees under all circumstances. If they are unable to provide a substantial model for what is expected, the foundation of the group and potentially the organization as a whole could crumble. If the leader of a group puts rules in place that they themselves cannot follow, the employees will see no reason to follow the rules on their own terms either. New employees would look to more experienced co-workers for guidance but if they value their job and any possibility for advancement, they will certainly be looking to their supervisors for the example for how to behave and handle situations.

A good leader will know how to set reasonable goals for employees. On example of one of these goals could be to offer advancement to employees who performs well and contributes positively to the company as a whole. If there are employees who are good at taking a load off of their supervisors plate or take on extra tasks without being asked, an advancement for their career is definitely a good way to motivate and set an excellent example of what the desired behavior is for the group as a whole.

The most important aspect of goal setting for a supervisor is to have a clear understanding for where they would like the team to go in an effect to achieve that goal, or in some circumstances, which goals to make known to the employees in order to achieve a specific outcome. The supervisor in these...
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