Applying Decision Making Techniques

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  • Published : May 11, 2009
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Applying Decision Making Techniques to Identify Solutions

How will the South Pacific Logistics and Transportation Company establish a greater and profitable presence on the Island of Kava? Considering all the physical, environmental and socio-economical issues previously discussed, how can a decision be made that will provide the best solution for both the corporation, its stakeholders and the community in which they operate? There are several tools and techniques available to guide decision makers during the analysis and evaluation process in order to reach the best possible decisions.

One of this tools or techniques available during the decision making process is brainstorming. This technique can be used to produce a list of possible solutions and alternatives to the problem. During brainstorming “it is useful to have experienced people to help with this part of the (decision making) process, but new people, even complete rookies can bring an insight to creating alternatives that might be missed by others who are steeped in the tradition of how they do things now” (Langdon, K. 2001,p.33).

Brainstorming can be followed by multi-voting which can be used to reduce a long list of ideas and assign priorities quickly, with a high degree of team agreement in order to identify the most important items on a list. This technique is also known as importance weighting. This group technique or group think could be used for a more detailed approach to generate, clarify, and evaluate a long list of ideas, problems, or issues in order to effectively prioritize the items on this list. The South Pacific Logistics and Transportation Company can also use this consensus style decision making so that the entire group can reduce the list of ideas to a minimum amount and make the best choices possible.

Working with this type of analysis will avoid preliminary debates on the merits of a variety of issues.”When everyone agrees on a process ahead...
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