Applying Assessment Results to Clients During the Counseling Process

Topics: Emotion, Coping skill, Windows System Assessment Tool Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Applying assessment results to client is essential is assisting individuals who may be coping with stressful situations. The objective of the skilled professional is to recognize the symptoms of stress and being able to interpret the results of the COPE Assessment Tool as a means of determining the proper methods of treatment during therapeutic work. Upon reviewing the results of completing my personal results, I found that some of the personal responses that were selected from the COPE Inventory were truly related to the situations that have been an ongoing challenge. Some of the data selected was either based on emotional responses or those problem situations which were related to stressful situations that have remained consistent. Coping with stressful situations is never any easy task to resolve. However, applying the Coping Resources Inventory Scales can be utilized as an important instrument in helping clients’ gains control over their situation. The Coping Resources Inventory serves as a basis of measuring different forms of determining alternative measures for individuals who are dealing with stress in their lives. From a counseling perspective, the (CRI) can assist clients’ with learning to face their individual challenges and provide coping mechanisms that can help reduce or eliminate the impact that stress has on their individuals lives. The Coping Resources Inventory can be administered individually, or in a group setting and can be administered to a variety of individuals of all age categories. Applying the COPE instrument during the counseling process can provide treatment planning for stress-related problems for individuals seeking therapeutic treatment. The COPE can be administered to client who may be faced with a life changing events, health related issues, various forms of uncertainty in one’s life and as a resource for educational planning or an assessment devise for other alternative measures. When applying the Coping Resources...
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