Apply the Learning Curve Theory 2

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Apply the Learning Curve Theory
Apply the Learning Curve Theory
Learning curves can be applied to individuals or organizations. Individuals learn when they repeat a task and their skills improve. Organizational learning results from “repeated processes as well as from changes in administration, equipment, and product design” (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, p. 135, 2006). Learning curve theory is based on three assumptions: (1) The amount of time required to complete a given task or unit of a product will be less each time the task is undertaken (2) The unit time will decrease at a decreasing rate (3) The reduction in time will follow predictable pattern. (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, p. 134, 2006) In this paper the author will consider an alternative to the process that will be implemented, the author will explain how to apply the learning curve concepts to test the alternative against the existing process, and examine the outcome of the new process.

Alternative to the Process

In the simulation, process performance data is number of customers for Groups of 2, number of customers for Groups of 4, the average wait time (min), total time in the system, line length, and service facility utilization. Mario’s, a pizza parlor is having difficulty balancing the demand for service and the capacity of the system. These difficulties have led to customers waiting longer than they should and customers leaving without being served. Manual ovens were being used which led to longer wait times and customer dissatisfaction. There was also no menu ordering system for the wait staff. The capacity at Mario’s was increasing and the decision needed to be made to rent Cream Puff’s or add more counter space in the restaurant. Mario’s needs to change the priority of the tables, use a priority rule, order a conveyor oven from Plax, buy a MenuPoint ordering system and rent Cream Puff’s to increase process...
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