Apply Effective Communication Skills

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No.| Statement| Passive| Assertive| Aggressive|
1.| I often talk with my hand over my mouth| X| | |
2.| I can say No without feeling guilty| | x| |
3.| I stare at people I don’t like| | | X|
4.| I answer for others in a group| | X| |
5.| When I say ‘I’m angry’ I smile| | x| |
6.| I apologise for conditions (eg weather) outside my control| X| | | 7.| I keep control of my emotions| | X| |
8.| I do not forgive mistakes easily| | | X|
9.| I make mistakes sometimes| | x| |
10.| When questioned I often say, ‘nothing, just thinking’| x| | | 11.| Conversation gets going when I join a group| | X| | 12.| Others say I am a good listener| | X| |
Activity 2.1

Activity 2.2
A: Angry relative complaining loudly that their loved one is not being looked after well enough.
Nurse- (walks up to the loud relative), Sir, you seem to have a problem, can we go into the Nurse’s room and have a chat about the problems that you are worried about?
Relative- Oh, now because I’m loud someone will listen to me!
Nurse- I think we should talk about it in a quiet room so I can understand the problem better. Would that be ok with you?
Relative- um, Yes. I want this sorted out please.
Nurse- Ok then, can you follow me please?
(They both walk into the quiet room and sit down)
Nurse- So, why are you upset today Sir?
Relative- my wife isn’t being cared for well enough. I’ve noticed that she smells when I come to visit
Her, she doesn’t look clean when I come in to help her at tea time. I’m not very happy, she always
had pride in her appearance before she came here.
Nurse- From what you’ve said it sounds like your feeling angry about you wife being unclean and
Relative- Yes, that’s correct.
Nurse- Well, I’d better explain it to you then. Your wife has started to lose control of bladder and
Wets herself, which we have given her a pad to help her stay dry and comfortable for, but at times
It may smell. Do you have any questions about this?
Relative- Has this just started happening?
Nurse- Yes. Just in the last week it started happening.
Relative- what about why she is looking unclean? She always took pride in her appearance and now
She has stains on her tops, and bits of food left on her chin and around her mouth. What do you
Have to say about that?
Nurse- In the afternoons, she has been insisting on having her afternoon tea independently and she
won’t accept any help from the nurses’ to help clean her up. Maybe that is something you may be
Able to express you concern about to your wife?
Relative- most definitely!
Nurse- Do you have any more questions or concern about your wife’s care that you’d like to discuss?
Relative- No, I think you’ve cleared it up for me. Thank you very much.
Nurse- No problem. If there is something you’re concerned about, please don’t hesitate to ask one
of the nurses on, and they may be able to get you the answer, and save you from feeling angry.
Relative- Yes, I will thank you for your time.
Activity 2.4
1. What teams or groups have you participated in, and what was your role within the team/group? Sports- Netball as a player and a coach.
Kindergarten governing council as the President, Vice President.

2. Outline at least five factors that could contribute to the success of a team. - Effective communication
-Constructive criticism
-Focus on the issues/goals
-Working within the rules/policies
-Active listening

3. Suggest at least five factors that could hinder the development of an effective team. - Unclear Goals
- Conflicts between personalities
- Interactions between team members (lack of quality)
- Poor Communication
- Unclear roles within the group dynamics.

Activity 2.5
You have been invited to become a member of a group/team in your ward that is considering ways to improve the quality of care that is being delivered to the clients in the medical...
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