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Assessment of the Role of Idea Samsung|

Table of Contents
Aims of the Research:2
Objectives of the Research:2
Research Approach:4
Primary and Secondary Research:4
Qualitative and Quantitative Research:4
Research Strategy:4
Data Collection:5
Population & Sample:5
Data Analysis:5
Time Horizon:6
Ethical Issues:7

In organizations, management plays a key role in organizing man, labour, money, machineries into useful resources. Without an excellent management team it is impossible to achieve the desired goals of the organization. Organizations with strong and intellectual human resources made their headlines to news as successful enterprises. A phenomenal workforce with great ideas and hard work can quickly and efficiently response to the uncertain environment outside the business. Ideas in management holds critical importance as defined by the Rothberg (2004) that existing processes, existing mindsets, and existing way of doing things is interacted by the ideas. Thus ideas play a vital role, their importance cannot be ignored. Samsung Electronics is known globally for its great products and ability to produce product efficiently with a high learning curve. They have maintained their position in semiconductor industry till they faced the competition from Chinese firms. Since the entrance of the Chinese firms has increased the competition, Samsung Electronics has to be very efficient and its management must be best to save the company from struggling. Moreover, it is known that one of the competitive advantages Samsung enjoys is its human resource, thus it becomes mandatory to identify the role of ideas at Samsung Electronics. This study will examine that how well the managers communicate the ideas with the workforce and what role ideas play at Samsung Electronics so they enhance the sense of achievement of business goals to gain the competitive advantage. This assignment will be based on research which will be conducted with the management team of Samsung Electronics. The role of ideas, organization’s background, aims and objective of the research, literature review and research methodology will be discussed in this course work. Rest of the study will be analyzed in next part of the course work. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS:

Samsung Group is a multinational corporation which is operating in 58 countries with its headquarters situated in the South Korea, Seoul. Globally, Samsung Group has employed 212,000 people who consist of engineers and specialist. Part of Samsung group is called Samsung Electronics which produced a number of products from televisions to semiconductors since 1969. During the period of 1980’s Samsung has developed its most important business of memory chips. Samsung started producing DRAM i.e. dynamic random access memory after convincing the chairman of Samsung who was father of current chairman Kun Hee Lee. Kun Hee Lee worked hard and established the business of semiconductors on a wide scale and soon became a greater producer of Dynamic and Static RAM as well as Flash memory. In 2003, Samsung incurred sales of $33.8 billion which made them a biggest competitor in the global industry. Soon Samsung was found to be the largest exporter of semiconductors of Korea with because of hard work. Samsung produced technology which is vital to produce number of other different products like cameras, mobile phones, personal computers, laptops etc. Samsung faced the challenges from Chinese firms which are bigger than before because they learn so fast to produce. Their efficient learning curve will grab a market share and soon Chinese firms will gain economies of scale. Since, this industry face the cyclic downturn of the products and recession periods, only strongest survive and Samsung is one of them. This is one of the reasons that...
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