Applications of Statistics

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Statistics: The Applications of Statistics

Kashaf Bakali


Qatar University Post Foundation

English 203 – 106

December 17, 2012

Dr. James Scotland
What is statistics? Statistics is a study which includes the collection, analysis, organization, interpretation and presentation of data. The collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data help people in numerous ways; from prediction of diseases and weather up to being useful in business. These uses of statistics in people’s lives are through the statistical methods. Statistical methods are methods of analyzing, representing or interpreting statistical data after collection. In the past people were used to of struggling with data to get a certain prediction or a result for their research. But gradually as time passed by, people got more educated and started using statistics or statistical methods to ease their work. Researches or studies, done nowadays, are easily carried out and they provide better results by the use of statistics. Among the various applications of statistics, the three main applications of statistics are: helpful in predicting diseases, beneficial in business and useful in predicting weather. Figure 1: Predicted future numbers of newly diagnosed cases of diabetes in Finland (The Lancet, 2008)

Figure 1: Predicted future numbers of newly diagnosed cases of diabetes in Finland (The Lancet, 2008)

Statistics, being helpful in predicting certain diseases, is one of the major application of statistics. Statistics are used all over the world in one form or the other. They are very helpful and can be applied in various fields of a person’s life. Life is very important

and people always struggle to have a healthy and prosperous life. For a better life, a good health is very important. The prediction
of certain diseases can be very helpful for them to achieve a better healthy life. When people have a predicted future in terms of increasing...
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