Applications of Laser

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Applications of Laser

Application 1 : Defense

A Laser Range Finder is an example of an application in the defense system of a country. To knock down an enemy tank, it is necessary to range it very accurately. Because of its high intensity and very low divergence even after travelling quite a few kilometers, laser is ideally suited for this purpose. The laser range finders using neodymium and carbon dioxide lasers have become a standard item for artillery and tanks. These laser range finders are light weight and have higher reliability and superior range accuracy as compared to the conventional range finders. The laser range finder works on the principle of a radar.

Diagram of a laser range finder.

Application 2 : Civil
Laser cutting is an example of a civil activity. Continuous wave lasers like carbon dioxide gas lasers are extensively used for cutting a wide range of materials, such as graphite, diamond, tungsten, carbide, all metallic foils, ceramics, sapphire, and ferrite. In most cases, continuous cutting is carried out with assist gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, or air, which produces both mechanical and chemical action intensifying the thermal effects. This gas-assisted cutting is applicable to the metals of thickness up to 5 mm with cut-widths down to 30 µm. The most promising field of laser cutting is the cutting of steels of small thickness (several millimeters) and also of non-metallic materials. Use of laser cutters in the garment industry, a new and very useful application of the lasers, has been introduced recently in the developed countries. With the aid of computers, lasers can cut clothing many times faster than the tailors using old techniques. It is now possible to slice the through several layers of thick cloth accurately and in a short time using a laser cutter. The laser system also consists of a computer, programmed with cutting instructions and patterns for various to...
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