Application of Ultrasound in Medical and Industrial Field

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Application of Ultrasound In Medical And Industrial field
The term ultrasound defines sound waves of frequencies above the threshold of human hearing, 20 kHz. Ultrasound may be propagated in a variety of modes through different materials and offers a wide range of both medical and industrial applications. In the medical field, the development of a foetus is routinely monitored by ultrasound; cardiac irregularities, along with kidney stones and osteoporosis may all be identified. Ultrasound also offers therapeutic application to physiotherapy and surgical drilling. In the industrial field, welds are routinely inspected using ultrasound. Recent developments include non-contact, non-destructive testing using laser generated ultrasound. Applications

|   Clinical DiagnosticObstetricsCardiology (Echocardiography): Valves (mitral, aortic, pulmonary & tricuspid); stenosis, regurgitation, prolapse, hypertropic cardiomyopathy, left atrial myxomaEndocrinologyGastroenterologyNeurologyOpthalmologyUrologyOsteoporosis  Clinical Therapeutic Physiotherapy pain-reliefSurgical Drilling Industrial Thickness, Welds, Process engineeringNon-contact: Laser generated, EmatsWeldingArtefacts Tissue propagationSystem|

Biomedical ultrasonic applications
Ultrasound also has therapeutic applications, which can be highly beneficial when used with dosage precautions:[20] * According to RadiologyInfo,[21] ultrasounds are useful in the detection of pelvic abnormalities and can involve techniques known as abdominal (transabdominal) ultrasound, vaginal (transvaginal or endovaginal) ultrasound in women, and also rectal (transrectal) ultrasound in men. * Focused high-energy ultrasound pulses can be used to break calculi such as kidney stones and gallstones into fragments small enough to be passed from the body without undue difficulty, a process known as lithotripsy....
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