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  • Published: May 11, 2012
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The Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory NUR 501
Chamberlain School of Nursing

Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory
The environment theory of nursing is a patient-care theory. The delivery of patient centered care is the best delivery of care a patient can receive. Applying Nightingales environmental care theory of manipulation of the patient environment can affect the patient and assist in the delivery of quality of care. The concept of a clean patient environment has an effect on the patient’s recovery and the prevention of spread of diseases (Harvard Libraries, 2012). Using Florence Nightingales environmental theory and concepts will give a better understanding of how the elements of the environmental care theory can be used to change nursing practice and the use of evidence to better explain the phenomenon of the manipulation of a patient care environment (Nursing Theory, 2011). As nurses become more informed about the environment as a determinant of human health, theory they will be able to be an informed and be empowered to advocate on environmental conditions that promote health. This article provides both theoretical and practical perspectives to integrate environmental concerns into nursing practice. Florence Nightingale a nursing theorist (1820-1910) upon serving as a nurse in the Crimean war, nightingale noticed the conditions in which the soldiers cared for were in unsanitary conditions, and the soldiers were exposed to all kinds of opportunistic diseases (Tomey, 2006). Because of her good efforts to improve the conditions of the solders environment to recover in, the royal family had given her funds in recognition of this work which she intern opened a nursing school to teach nursing as a vocation (Toomey, 2006). Nightingale’s work included the premise that diseases were reparative with a process that the environment plays a big part in recovery or decay...
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