Application of Theories

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Psychology, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Name : Raja Azureen Eleena binti Raja Zulkifli
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General Psychology Individual Assignment

As claimed by my mother, I was an indubitably small baby. The nurses at the hospital were repeatedly saying, “She’s so tiny!” while putting the ID band around my wrist. I was slightly below the average weight of a normal size baby but I gained weight rapidly as soon as my mother started breastfeeding me. According to Freud’s System of Psychology published in the “History of Psychology Ideas and Context”, Freud’s stage theory of psychosexual development states that an infant’s early interactions with the world are predominantly via the oral cavity, which is also known as the oral stage (Viney & King, 2003). Thus, it is apparent that my meteoric weight gain is tied closely to this theory because the only way for me to obtain pleasure is through the intake of my mother’s milk. Weaning away from my mother’s breast milk was a difficult task for my mother. Being too dependent on her breast milk, I developed an oral receptive personality. Because of this, I became more sensitive to rejection and was easily offended. The thought of being rejected made me become less open to experience thus making me score low in openness to experience.

At five months of age, my father would entertain me by playing peek-a-boo. He would cover his face with both of his hands and opens them, followed by a loud boo. Genuinely thinking that he was actually invisible and out of sight, he said that I would smile and giggle uncontrollably when he reveals his face to me. A few months after, I was no longer entertained by this game. Instead I would reach for my father’s hands to reveal his face for him. Realizing that he is, in actuality, still there although he cannot be seen. According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development promulgated in the book “Think Psychology”, this falls under sensorimotor stage and is called object permanence (Baird, 2010). As a result of...
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