Application of Number - Bmi, Aim and Method

Topics: Bar chart, Body mass index, Pie chart Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Are Students Healthier Today than in the Past?
For this project I will be looking at whether students are getting healthier. To do this I will need to look at the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a group of students. I will need to collect the heights and weights of 20 male and female students as a fair sample. From this I will be able to work out the BMI of the students and using the statistics, produce tables and graphs to show my findings. Once I have obtained this information, I will then need to find some comparative data showing the heights and weights of students from the past and compare these against my findings. Plan:

• Collect heights and weights of 20 male and female students • Convert height and weights from imperial to metric. (ft and inches to cm, St and lbs to kg) • Research how to work out the student BMI’s

• Compile findings in to a table
• Find a BMI classification chart and complete the BMI classifications • Create a spreadsheet using your findings, one for males and one for females • Work out the averages for height, weight and BMI for males and females • Draw bar charts showing the averages of height, weight and BMI • Compare averages of males and females

• Complete a proportion chart calculating the degrees
• Draw pie charts
• Compare the pie charts
• Find data showing heights and weights of past students
• Choose 20 males and females for comparison
• Convert heights and weights from imperial to metric
• Work out BMI of past students
• Work out average height, weight and BMI of past students • Compare against your own findings
• Final Report

To complete this project, I will need to collect 20 male and 20 female heights and weights. Once I have obtained this information, I will need to convert them from imperial units to metric. This will be done using the appropriate formulas. From the converted measurements, I can work out their relative BMI using the correct BMI formula. After all this, I will present my findings...
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