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  • Published: March 28, 2011
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There are intellectual possessory of creating such systems in any knowledge domain. Good example is the clinical decision support system for medical diagnosis. A bank loan officer verifying the credit of a loan collector or an engineering firm that has declaration and the want to be competitive with their cost. DSS is is commonly used in business and management. Executive dashboard and other business performance software allow quick decision making, assimilation of pessimistic inclination, and good allocation of business resources. A speeded area of DSS application, concepts, principles, and techniques is in agricultural production, marketing for sustainable development. For example, the DSSAT4 package,[15][16] developed through financial support of USAID during the 80's and 90's, has allowed rapid assessment of several agricultural production systems around the world to facilitate decision-making at the farm and policy levels. There are, however, many constraints to the successful adoption on DSS in agriculture.[17] DSS are also prevalent in forest management where the long planning time frame demands specific requirements. All aspects of Forest management, from log transportation, harvest scheduling to sustainability and ecosystem protection have been addressed by modern DSSs. A comprehensive list and discussion of all available systems in forest management is being compiled under the COST action Forays’ A specific example concerns the Canadian National Railway system, which tests its equipment on a regular basis using a decision support system. A problem faced by any railroad is worn-out or defective rails, which can result in hundreds of derailments per year. Under a DSS, CN managed to decrease the incidence of derailments at the same time other companies were experiencing an increase.

Application system has two forms use in applying decision support system which are ; Clinical decision support system (CDSS or...
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