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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Cloud Computing in the Hotel Industry
Cloud Computing in the Hotel Industry
Cloud computing is getting more and more popular in the Hotel industry in recent times. Hotels see cloud computing as the “right path” to be followed. There are articles suggesting that most of hotel organizations will adapt cloud computing and its strategy in near future. Besides being popular today, cloud computing is still enigma for most of the hoteliers. They don’t fully understand what cloud computing means and offers. We will try to explain what the positive and negative sides of the cloud computing, how it can be used in the hotel industry, and why we think it is the unavoidable future for all of us. Cloud Computing is a way of delivering computing as a service through the internet. Advantages of cloud computing in Hotel industries are:

* It allows users to access system through Web browser from anywhere at any time * Users can access the system through any device with internet connection (PC, Mobile Phone, Laptop, etc…) * The costs of the cloud service is more competitive

* No need for expensive hardware’s, fast computers and huge memory * Software and support are provided by the same supplier
* Users can save money on IT Support
* There has been an increase in improving the cloud and on-line security * Easier maintenance of cloud computing applications, it can be accessed from different locations * Improving the business performance and increasing service delivery As you can see there are many advantages of cloud computing compared to conventional IT. There are many hoteliers who confirmed that cloud computing is easier, cheaper and more convenient to use. All of them say that cloud computing is the way forward. Disadvantages of cloud computing in Hotel industries are:

*  Security issue would be one of the main factors when it comes to cloud computing in the hotel industry * Privacy is also a disadvantage; where a user has to make sure...
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