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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Young Enterprise
HvA Amsterdam
133 Fraijlemaborg
1102 CV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

January 24, 2011

Subject: Application letter Young Enterprise

Dear Sir / Madam,

With this letter I would like to inform about the possibility of becoming the Production Manager during the second semester of the Young Enterprise project. In my opinion my qualifications very closely meet the needs for this position.

As you will see in the attached resume, I have worked in multiple student companies over the last 2 years. In some cases it was a succes, in some cases it wasn’t. Though I do think that the second semester gives me the opportunity to start again, and to start fresh. During the last three years I have developed multiple skills that are needed to be a manager. As a production manager it is really important to have a good clarity of expression, as well as oral and written. It is important because the manager of the production department is the key from the product to the company. I know what is needed for this position and I think I am capable to do it .

I am enclosing a copy of my resume, which gives details of my qualifications and experience. If you require further details, I am available to provide them in an interview. I will take the position where the group wants me to be in.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,


Enclosed: 1


2004 – 2009 : S.G. De Amersfoortse Berg Higher General Secondary Education

Employment / Work History

2010 – 2011 : Assistant – Chief Executive Officer Re-Wallet S.C. 2009 – 2010 : Chief Financial Officer Covers ‘N’ Cases S.C. 2006 – 2009 : Manager Driving Range G.C. De Hoge Kleij

Special Skills

* Managerial skills
* Good english speaker
* Good clarity of expression (written and oral)


R. van Kranen
G.C. De Hoge Kleij
16 Loes van Overeemlaan
3832 RZ Leusden...
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