Application Form for the Indian Passport

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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3 EAST 64T H ST REET (Bet. Madison and Fifth Avenue) NEW YORK, NY 10065 T EL (212) 774-0600. Fax (212) 570-9581 E-mail: For more information visit our w ebsite:

ONE P ASSP ORT SIZE P HOT OGRAP H HERE Pl ease sign in the box bel ow


THIS FORM IS FOR ISSUE OF FRESH PASSPORT AFTER 10 YEARS (FINAL) & DUPLICATE PASSPORT. ALSO FOR ADDITIONAL BOOKLET/CHANGE OF NAME/APPEARANCE/PLACE OR DATE OF BIRTH ♦ ♦ PLEASE READ I NSTRUCTI ONS CAREFULLY BEFORE FI LLI NG I N THI S FORM. Instructions can be obtaine d from the Consulate Ge ne ral of India, Ne w York or from our we b site . Incomple te application will not be accepted. This form may be duplicate d if re quire d. Ef f ective 1 February 2003. Enclose your present passport (even though expired); required num ber of photographs as m entioned in instructions (4 photos for Fresh Passport Application); Photocopy of first five and last tw pages of your passport and pages indicating o U.S. visa; Green Card/Em ploym ent Authorization card/Valid Visa Status (along w originals); Notarized copy can be ith sent if applying by m ail. Applications are acce pte d from 9.15 A.M. to 12:15 P.M. on working days and passports de live re d irre spectiv of date e of application only be twe e n 4:30 to 5:15 P.M. Send exact am ount of FEE either in the form of m oney order/certified check payable to Consulate General Of India or in CASH in bills no larger than $50/-. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS. Use only one formof paym ent. DO NOT SEND CASH IF APPLYING by mail. Also e nclose payme nts (US$ 10 for priority mail or US$ 20 for Express mail) for re turn of se rvice d docume nts by mail.

♦ ♦ ♦

1. (a) FULL NAME (Expanded Initials)____________________________________________________________

__________ (Surname) (Given Names) (b) Aliases, if any ____________________________________________________________

__________________________ (c) Have you ever changed your name? Yes No If yes, please write your previous name in full _______________________________________________________ (d) Maiden name, in case applicant is a married woman_________________________________________________ 2. YOUR PLACE OF BIRTH___________________________ 3. COUNTRY OF BIRTH__________________________ 4. DATE OF BIRTH_______________________ 5. SEX____________ 6. COLOR OF EYES________________________ 7. COLOR OF HAIR___________________________ 8. HEIGHT_______________________________________________ 9. VISIBLE DISTINGUISHING MARKS, IF ANY_________________________________________________________

____ 10.MARITAL STATUS________________________________ 11. PROFESSION_________________________________ 12.BUSINESS/OFFICE ADDRESS_____________________________________________________

____________________ ____________________________________________________________

_____ TE NO.____________________________ L. 13.(a) FULL NAME OF FATHER _______________________________ COUNTRY OF HIS BIRTH__________________ (b) FULL NAME OF MOTHER ______________________________ COUNTRY OF HER BIRTH__________________ (c) Nationality of father at the time of applicant's birth __________________________________________________ (d) Nationality of mother at the time of applicant's birth ________________________________________________ 14.FULL NAME OF HUSBAND ____________________________________________________________

________________ HIS NATIONALITY ______________________________________ TEL. NO. ____________________________________ 15.FULL NAME OF WIFE ____________________________________________________________

_____________________ HER NATIONALITY _____________________________________ TEL. NO. ____________________________________ 16.When did applicant first leave India _____________ 17. When was he/she in India last ___________________ 18.How long has the applicant continuously resided abroad...
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