Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver

Topics: Jesus, Christian terms, God Pages: 55 (22827 words) Published: April 6, 2013

Speaking the Mind of God in a Generation gone Astray

Michael Joseph Gowon

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CONTENTS Introduction Dedication Acknowledgment



Misled by the Leaders Speak unto us Smooth Things Dumb and Greedy Dogs Faith Comes by Hearing This is Not the Time to waste Words God is A God of Time

To The Centurion To the Widow of Nain To Jairus Daughter Thirsty Soul Needs Cold Water Hope for the Worst Man We Can Trust God s Word Good News for Jacob The Unjust Stewards Weighed in the Balance What are you giving Out, Mr. Preacher?

Is An insult to God Brings No Result Hardens the Hearers Produces Abnormal, Artificial, Religious Activity-based Disciples Entertains and Tickles the ear

Lifts Up the messenger above the Message CHAPTER FOUR: MESSENGERS OF DOOM The Sabeans The Fire of God Fallen From Heaven The Chaldeans A Great Wind From The Wilderness Be A Messenger of Hope How to get a Word Fitly Spoken


CHAPTER ONE PEGS TO HANG ON "Where the word of a king is, there is power." -- Ecc. 8 A man once said, "I have been looking for something real for many years in the Church and I don't seems to find it... I have gone to all the denominations in this town but my questions are still unanswered and my desires not met ..." This I believe is the silent cry of so many people who sincerely desire to find Jesus. They want to off-load their heavy burdens before the cross, but no one has ever told them how to do it! The Church and the world amalgamate", the world converting the Church, (not the Church the world) - and projecting Christianity into amusements. If we must sincerely evangelise the world, then we must send these popular modernistic, liberalistic preachers away from our pulpits. It is time we push aside those wolves in sheep's clothing who have by all means found themselves on the pulpit deceiving men with smiling faces to take away their money. I believe God has a definite message for His Church. He has a word every day for everyone and when we allow His servants the prophets and the anointed evangelists to "cry aloud", and to blow the trumpet to show the household of God their transgression, and sins, there will be great blessings and breakthroughs in the family of the believers. Today, we have messengers who work round the clock but not with a militant sense of destroying sin, but with the aim of making for themselves kingdoms and queendoms. They go about imitating the world on every hand, parading and cavorting all of the mannerism of the heathen. Such "ministers" are playboys or play girls who are busy with talk shows; they are nothing but begging evangelists, who are always only crying over finances. As a result of this, people in the Church no longer gets the real milk or meat of the Word of God. New Age philosophies are being pushed on the people. The old fashioned, uncompromised word has been tainted with religious humanism; in some cases it has been totally replaced. And as a result, no one seems to acknowledge his sins again (Jer. 3:13); but sure enough we have people today who can spread their hands in eloquent prayer, just satisfied with a happy feeling or with a Priest telling them their sins are forgiven. There are also those who try to sing their way through and those who want to buy...
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