Applepie Speech

Title: Fried Apple Pies: How to make quick easy fried apple pies.

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience great tasting fried apple pies are not hard to make and taste great.

Central Idea: Quick easy recipe for fried apple pies and directions to make them. I. Introduction

A. Apple pie goes back to the 14th century. The first printed apple pie recipe was by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381.

B. Early 14th century recipes did not include sugar.

C. SOURCE: According to pie and

D. Sometimes a Typical American is referred to by saying “As American as apple pie

E. The saying “for mom and apple pie” was supposedly said by soldiers in World War 2 whenever journalists asked why the soldiers were going to war.

F. Along the way, I’m going to share with you a way that is not the most nutritious but quick easy way to make a fried apple pie that when you leave here today you will be able to make.

TRANSITION: First: What you need to have on hand is.

II. Body

A. A deep fryer, a can of croissant rolls, a can of fried apples, cup of white powdered sugar, teaspoon of vanilla flavoring and three teaspoons of milk

1. Any brand will do

2. There are 4 steps do using a deep fry properly
a. The first is to set it on a surface area that is made for high temperatures. b. The second make sure area around it is clear of anything that might melt. c. the third, set temperature at 350 degrees

d. The fourth, simple wait till it’s hot.

3. The crescent rolls
e. Make sure you do not have a brand or type that has butter in the already. f. How many you will need depends on how many pies you want to make. g. These are best.
h. You will need two crescent roll s for each pie

4. Last item you will need is a can of fried apples.
i. How many will depend on how many pies you want to...
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