Applebee's Evaluation

Topics: Walking, To Sheila, Time Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: March 16, 2008
Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood
As my girlfriend and I pull into a crowded parking lot during a chilly Friday evening, we struggle to find a spot of our own, but manage to do so as we take the place of another young couple as they pull out to leave. I put the car in park as we both gaze at the numerous parties walking into the restaurant. A bright sign, hung lit overhead, shining the phrase "Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill" atop a red brick building. Awnings were placed above every window, and resting on the ground, between each window, was a wooden park bench surrounded by lush, green foliage on either side. The whole place looked as if it had been pulled straight from a friendly neighborhood in the heart of the big apple. I knew we had made the right dinner decision even before walking in the large, double doors. Applebee's has always been a favorite of mine. There is rarely ever a wait to be seated and thrown into the laid back, neighborhood atmosphere that they aim to provide. Their service is exceptional, with quick and courteous staff members which you encounter as soon as you walk in. And depending on what you order, you can always count on Applebee's to present you with not just a meal, but an experience for both your eyes and your taste buds. It was around eight o' clock, well past the dinner rush, but I had a feeling the popularity of this restaurant would play against us, and we would be stuck waiting for a long period of time before we were seated. To my surprise, however, upon entering the restaurant there was no long line of people

huddled together, bumping shoulder to shoulder, trying to get their name scribbled onto the waiting list. Instead, my girlfriend and I were welcomed to a comfortable, dimly lit setting, with light, friendly chatter, and a fair amount of laughter coming from the bar area. A young, good looking hostess greeted us with a smiling face and asked the size of our party. We were immediately directed to a clean,...
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