Apple Value Chain Analysis

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Value Chain Analysis
To determine where Apple developed distinctive capabilities, Porter’s generic value chainmodel provides a systematic framework for identifying Apple’s utilization of resources. Primaryactivities for Apple include Technology and Product Design, Production, Sales and Marketing,Customer Service, and Legal Services. Technology and Product Design

Apple was the first platform to run an electronic spreadsheet in VisiCalc on the Apple II Plus and the first to establish a “digital lifestyle” hub in the Macintosh product lines, Apple’s history is very rich with cutting-edge technology development. The Apple operating system is graded better than windows, while the desktop publishing software bundles (iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, etc.) are themost comprehensive available to end users. Expenditure increased about 65% from 2007 to 2009 Production

Because Apple had long refused to license its operating system to external entities, the bundled packages of Apple-developed hardware and software became the cornerstone of Apple’s production process. Apple achieved unparalleled performance via 64-bit architecture, integrateddistinctive styling with the multi-colored translucent iMac cases, and redefined intuitiveoperation with the iPod. Apple treats component production as a natural extension of the design process, but not every product turns to a success as example we can show Lisa and Newton. Sales and Marketing

This section can be titled as “Steve Jobs” because since his return as CEO in 1997, he personally unveiled all new product introductions, reviews corresponding marketing campaigns, and approved new product development guidelines, in one word he was aware of everything that was happening in Apple. Also Apple used  “Get a mac” ads, various direct/indirect favorable comparisons.

Customer Service
How hasApple retained substantial cash reserves during the explosive growth and dominance of PCs worldwide? Apple created a loyal customer base(fans)...