Apple Supplier Foxconn Showed Dozens of Major Labor-Rights Violations

Topics: Law, Employment, Working time Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: December 21, 2012
An awaited report, released towards the end of March 2012, on working conditions at Apple supplier Foxconn showed dozens of major labor-rights violations, including excessive overtime, unpaid wages and salaries that aren't enough to cover basic living expenses. Majority of the workers at three of Apple supplier Foxconn's factories in China say their wages fall short of their basic needs. The factories were Audited by the Fair Labor Association (FLA). The average monthly salaries at the plants range from $358 to $455. A team from the FLA, an independent labor-rights organization conducted this voluntary audit commissioned by Apple. More than 30,000 employees at the factories were surveyed about their working and living conditions, including their compensation and working hours. Foxconn’s current mission is to get "full legal compliance" with Chinese work-hour laws by July of 2013. They are going to hire thousands of new employees to balance out the working hours. Apple has made it a point to make sure that it fully supports the move Foxconn has decided to make. Foxconn said the review "is part of our long-standing commitment to working together with our customers to ensure that our employees are treated fairly and their rights are fully protected." and it is "committed to work with Apple to carry out the remediation program."

This was a strategic move by Apple because it has been receiving a lot of bad press about the poor labor conditions in the Chinese manufacturing plants. Apple is not the only company that outsources to China, but it is the most popular and profitable. Apple is one of America's most profitable businesses and has a cash amount of almost $100 billion in its hand, it's faced criticism for not doing more to repair what its own audits illustrate unsafe harms in its overseas manufacturing plants. The Fair Labor Association is a non-profit organization that formed in 1999. Nike became one of the founding members of FLA. FLA requires its...
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