Apple: Stock Analysis

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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The stock that I have analyzed is Apple (AAPPL), which it falls under the technology sector and trades under the NASDAQ. This sector holds the biggest companies around the world. A lot of these companies are well known such as: Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, and etc. The technology sector is an undeniably investment opportunity for every investor around the world. Lets face it technology keeps improving and we have only seen the beginning of it. These companies, such as Apple, are associated with constant innovation and invention. Our modern economy relies upon the technology sector to improve quality, productivity, and profitability.

Apple’s first computer was developed around the 1970’s. Since then they have surpass one of its biggest competitors Microsoft (MFST). Apple is not only known for its great designs, fun, and intuitive products. Their products have been productive and created a vast profitability for the private sector. Furthermore, there is no stopping point for Apple, it will continue to grow and generate wealth. There have been various events since Apple went public that have generated high returns due to the volatility of the chaining computer industry. Therefore, I believe Apple is in high growth stage, due to the many new innovations that have came out and are about to come out such as: the Iphone 5, new Ipad Mini, and a new line of Mac computes due out in 2013.


To evaluate Apple’s stock, I have chosen to use the Free Cash Flow for the Firm model (FCFF). This model is a measurement of the financial performance of a company that articulates the cash generated from the firm, which is then subtracted by the firm’s expenses, taxes, Net Working Capital, Depreciation, and Capital Expenditures. In essence, this formula is a measurement of the company’s profitability after all expenses and reinvestments. The data that I have collected to provide a future evaluation of Apple’s stock is as stated. The data began at the end of...
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