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Company: Apple Inc.

Brief History Mission and Objectives:

In April 1976 Steve Woznaik who was 25 years old and Steve Jobs who was 21 years old established Apple Computers. Both of them were college dropouts. These two started their business from family garage and sold a van for the startup capital requirement. The great apple company has emerged from a garage at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California. The garage is so famous that people come from all over the world to take a picture there. The main objective of both owners to make computers more user friendly. They based their thinking on suspendered judgment and open minded approach when creating products and services. Apple mission was to provide best personal computers along with iwork and sophisticated software.

The very first computer of the company was built in summer 1976 by Woznaik who was a true technical professional named as the Apple I.2. At the same time Jobs found a buyer for computer and also started advertisement campaign for computers. The first main customer of Apple was The Byte Shop in Mountain View. Two brothers were able to sell fifty computers that summer. The official incorporation of Apple happened on January 3. 1977. After that they started developing Apple II with the assistance of few classmates. Apple has been selected due to visionary leadership and creativity embracing culture.

Organizational and Business Structure

Apple having multiple locations operate at a global scale worldwide with headquarter in Cupertino, California, USA. Three main categories of Apple business are software, hardware and business support services. Within these three broad categories Apple has various divisions like applications (iTunes, iLife, Final Cut Studio, etc.), Macintosh (computers), internet services (Safari, QuickTime, MobileMe, etc.), peripherals (Apple TV, digital video displays, etc.) and others. Following table provides a basic chart of Apple’s organizational structure.

Apple’s Organizational Chart
➢ iPhone Internet Services Retail
➢ Macintosh Operating System Accounting
➢ iPod Applications Legal
➢ Markets and Distribution
➢ Industrial Design
➢ Hardware Software Business Support Services
➢ Peripherals Product Support

Current Products

Apple is working on all aspects of software and hardware production using the vertical integration approach. To run Intel based Macs only third party parts used were Intel core 2 Duo processors. The tight control of Apple on its distribution, price and development make sure that apple customers get powerful user friendly products.

The MacBook Pro and MacBook

The MacBook was launched in May 2006 a really efficient computer designed for general computer users and students. In U.S this was the best valued laptop.

Mac OS X

One of best of Mac OS X series was Mac OS X Leopard which was launched in 2007 having features never included before. One of the interesting features was Quick Look which allowed users to look at a file without operation of any application.

The iPod and iTunes Media Store

Apple’s iPod is also a revolutionary breakthrough in the industry. This product has almost every feature a sophisticated user can dream off like touch screen, see maps and photos, internet and many more.

The iPhone and The iPad

iPhone which was launched in June 2008 was a combination of 3G mobile phone with a iPod. One of the reasons of this product success was various factory-installed applications developed by third party. Apple once again captured the market by using this open source capability

APPLE competitors

“Main competitors of Apple INC are Ceridian Corporation, Micro Electronics Inc, NEC Corporation, Unisys Corporation, View Sonic Corporation, PC Connection Inc, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Casio Computer Co Ltd, Dell Inc, Hewlett-Packard Company, International Business Machines Corporation, Micron Technology Inc,...
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