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Topics: Supply and demand, Economics, Monopoly Pages: 5 (1723 words) Published: December 14, 2012
This Is a report based on the company Apple, it’s a report summarising where they are within the market which they have established themselves and what makes them what they are, how they got there and what issues they need to be concerned with in the future and the present. This report with allow the reader to understand what sort of organisation Apple are, what they are about and where they are within the market they are in. The outcome will allow the reader to indentify how Apple operate and what microeconomics techniques they use to stay within there market. Content

Page 1 – Title page
Page 2 – Summary, Introduction
Page 3 – Introduction, Literature review
Page 4 – Literature review, case study
Page 5 – Case study, conclusion
Page 6 –
This report is based on microeconomic theories used by a company, and in this case Apple Inc. This report is going to be used to help identify the main microeconomic techniques used by Apple and how they apply them to there everyday operation in relation to the market they are in. The reason Apple has been used as a research example is simply because of the industry it’s in, the type of company it is and the size of the company. Apple clearly established as an electronics market leader, is a perfect example of a company that wants to expand using effective market techniques in relation to adhering to the industry they are in. Brief Background

Apple Inc is an electronics provider, providing small electronic appliances to both public and commercial consumers. Over the years since being established Apple has grown into a cleat market leader for this industry. With retail establishments popping up over the world its clear that Apple have plans on expanding there organisation and there consumer audience. Apple has an aim to continue expanding by the release of new and revamped existing products by utilising there what has been concerned as a brilliant service. Research aims

The research aims of this report is to focus on the main microeconomic theories and practices Apple use to function everyday and predict the market they are in, in order to have the success they do and expand like they want to. Microeconomics is an established series of economics that studies how individual, households, firms make decisions in accordance to limited resources, typically where goods or services are being bought and sold. Methods

The methods that have been used to collect research information and data are as follows, the organisations website, a report collated by the company and external views of the company deriving from independent resources. For example reviews on released products, service reviews from consumers. Structure overview

The report is structured in stages, to help the reader/s understand clearly why it has been constructed indicating specific reasons. Also in a way that is easier for the read/s to read and follow as a report. To prevent miss lead messages and reasons of why the report has been done, where the information has come from and to help the reader/s understand specific findings with clear indication specified within to support said findings. Literature review

Demand is known as the amount of a particular economic good that a consumer or an array of consumers will want to purchase at a given price. Typically the demand curve is usually downward slopping, understandably as consumers will want to purchase more as the price decreases. Demand for a good is and very much can be determined by different external and internal factors other than price, such as the price of substitute goods and complementary goods. Demand is one of two key determinants of the market price. Supply being the other key factor. To conclude what has been stated, as well as demand applying to goods, it can also be applied to service/services purchased by consumers. Supply

An economic concept that describes the total amount of a specific good or service that is...
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