Apple Products: Are They Taking Over the World?

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Apple Products: Are they Taking Over the World?
Nicole Conrad
BUS330: Principles of Marketing
John Francis

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Throughout this course we have learned many exciting aspects and ideas of marketing. From week one to week five, we have discussed how to increase market sales, market new products, show good things about competition, look at customer needs and wants, discuss the future of retailing and changes in retailing. In my final paper, the product I have chosen to discuss is Apple.

Today, Apple is becoming the top seller for electronics. They have started from the original Ipod several years ago, to the newest Iphone and Ipad, the state of the art technology today. I will be using what we have discussed in class towards the marketing of the Apple product, and examining the social, psychological, ethical and political standpoint of the product and its industry.

Marketing- the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return (VitalSource Bookshelf).
The Apple Inc. industry was established in 1976 when they sold their first product, an assembled circuit board. In 1984, Apple released its first “Macintosh” computer(funding It was bulky and initially sold well, but because of its expensive price and limited software space, it did not end as well. In 1991,

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the first laptop was introduced, a 17 pound laptop, the “PowerBook”(apple The PowerBook was what really put Apple Inc. on the map. People knew that Apple Inc. kept coming out with new and exciting things, and they wanted more. In 2001, Apple opened its very first retail store in Virginia and California. Later that year, they introduced the first Ipod ( Ten years later, they have come a long way. They have upgraded the Ipod in many ways, and now have an Ipad, which is just as equivalent to a laptop, only touch screen. Apple in continuously coming out with new products, and seems to be taking over the electronic world. Other places like Gateway and Dell are having a hard time competing with Apple, especially because the younger generation, such as college kids, are only wanting Apple products to help with their education.

In week one, we had to choose a product to try and increase sales. If I had been the founder of Apple products, I would have had to figure out who and where I was going to try and sell my product to. The group I would have mainly focused on would have been the younger generation. When introducing an electronic product, it has to be up to date, and be just as good if not better than what else is out there by other names. The price has to be affordable, but also

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has to make customers think that they cannot live without it. The Ipad is something that I have not seen any other company come out with. Most people I see using them are younger college kids, and you can purchase one for around $500.00 ( That is cheaper than what you can get for a brand new laptop these days.

In week two, we had discussed competition and how it has its good and bad sides. Our assignment was to weigh the pros and cons of competition, and think of some instances where competition is a good thing. Apple is definitely giving its competitors a run for their money. As Apple is rising to the top, the one competitor that sticks out in my mind that I do see still standing strong is Dell. They are still coming out with state of the art technology to try and compete with others. I myself have a Dell and love it. It comes with all the bells and whistles, and I am perfectly fine with not having an Apple MacBook. Competition keeps companies like Apple and Dell coming out with new items and frequently. Recently, the newest thing on the market is the Ipad. I am sure pretty soon we will start to see other industries coming out...
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