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When it comes to Sales Promotion, Apple knows best. Apple uses promotional methods using special short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market to respond or undertake their products. Examples of certain methods Apple uses for sales promotions are money back guarantees, lower purchase price and rebates etc. The Apples stores are very distinct and captivating from many other electronic stores because they display all of their products for consumers to experience hands- on. Consumer's are allowed to surf the web on any of their computers, listen to the latest ipods, and experience the iPhone and its features. This lets consumers get comfortable with the products and familiarize themselves with it. This is a major consumer sales promotion that Apple has developed.

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During special consumer promotions, Apple has its certain auditions in which they target directly. For example during the month of July to September 1st, Apples promotes their Mac book laptops for college students. When students show their school I.D, they pay for a Mac book book and get any free Ipod they desire and a free printer. I can personally say that this is a good promotion method because I was one of its targeted audience who purchased this great deal. Another great promotion sales is the teamwork between Apple and Ticketmaster. They have teamed upon once again to give fan a great deal they cannot resit. When you purchase a concet ticket through Ticketmaster, you can simultaneously purchase the corresponding artist's album for $1 off the iTunes Store price. This is an excellent prApple's Advertising and Public Relations Post 1 & 2 Post 1:

Apple believes "Its All About The Brand." During the late 1980's and early 1990's, it was Pepsi's marketing executive, John Sculley who turned Apple into the biggest single computer company with $11 billion in annual sales. Sculley marketed Apple like never before boosting the advertising budget from $15 million to $100 million. Pepsi is the number one soda brand that most people prefer. Just like Pepsi, this ad demonstrates that Apple is the number one computer company that everyone prefers over all other brands. This ad portrays both of these two major companies combines as one. Its like getting the best of both worlds.

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This diagram portrays Apple's public relations effort. The Mac shown, demonstrates a picture of Star Trek. Star Trek is a very popular show which has thousands of fans. With this ad, Apple tries to attract not only Mac fans for its beautiful screen image but to Star Trek fans also showing them the exceptional quality in which they can see their favorite show. I believe that this an great public relation efforts. This ad attracts many people for many different personal reasons and that's what advertising is all about. omotional deal that benefits the Post 1:

When it comes to pricing, Apple tries not to be competitive but they thinks more ahead of the product and its affect that pricing might have in the future. Apple doesn't try to compete with PCs directly on price for several reasons. Some of these reasons include that cut throat pricing leads to diminished profits and loss of shareholder value, it diminishes the hard won reputation of the Apple brand. Also, it's too early for Apple to jump on price decreases before it fully understands the impact of its future quarter sales.

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Apple will never price their product downward, even in a down market. The reasons for this is to maintain a premium brand with premium price points, to maintain their margins, and to take in the maximum amount of revenue and profit from their target demographic. Apple will be able to maximize revenue and profit with their consistently high price points during this season. In the long term, this may be the right strategy. Apple believes that once their prices go downward, and it will be difficult to raise the price. music fans. Post 1: This weekend I visited a retail Apple...
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