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Apple Juice or Sugar Water?

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Apple Juice or Sugar Water?

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Apple Juice or Sugar Water
Doing good is actually good for business! This is a statement that I have used in previous papers that holds true throughout this one as well. Having an ethical business environment is crucial to the stability, growth, and reputation of a company. From the hiring of employees, to the decisions made by supervisors and upper management, there are many obstacles that a company can incur. The way these obstacles are handled can make or break your company. It also can establish whether you are going to play by the rules or make your own.

Chapter Four in our text discusses “Ethics and Social Responsibility.” Be it personal ethics or ethics of a business, almost every college course you will attend has some type of discussion or lecture about the topic. “Ethics are the inner guiding moral principles, values, and beliefs that people use to analyze or interpret a situation and then decide what is the right or appropriate way to behave.” (Jones & George, 2011, p.107) Personal ethics of individuals do matter when it comes to hiring employees and the decisions they will make in the workplace daily.

A company is nothing without its employees. They have all of the impact on your business from the operations to the interactions with customers. You want good, honest, hardworking employees. You want your company to be honest from the top down. The owners of a business foremost, need to be the most honest and fair of the company. If management doesn’t have the right mindset about how to operate a company in a moral manner, then the company is in big trouble. Company culture flows from the top down. Our case this week mainly focuses on the ethics and actions taken by the Beech-Nut Corporation. Beech-Nut made baby foods; their competition was Gerber. (Jones & George, 2011, p. 138) In an effort to save money, the company started using a juice concentrate in order to give the product with a lower cost. The fact that they used a juice concentrate with...

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