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Topics: Irrigation, Basketball, Road Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Andrew Montalvo
Professor Petty
English 1301
4 Feb 2013
A Place to Get Away
There are things that people do, and places that people go to get away. In some instances people may go to a place such as a basketball court, or a skate park to skate and or play basketball. I sometimes do those things to clear my mind; however there is a place where I go when I just need to get away from the civilization and just get away. The place I’m describing is back at home where I live the San Benito, TX (the valley).

Arriving to the place where I reside to find peace, is a journey of its own, what you must do first is go from my house out far south into the country into the outskirts of town, where the plant flourish and the air becomes more crisp and invigorating, due to high oxygen levels. Once you’ve gone far enough south you must then travel down a few dirt roads as to where it is discernible that not many people have been down due to fact green still thrives along the road and where the tire tracks are presumed to have been killed all life within that specific area. After coming amidst a sunflower field, you must then travel down a long narrow irrigation canal thriving with life and cool almost clear great for hot summer days when just the sight of the water will persuade you to take a cool dip, after traveling down the crisp canal you then come to the bank of the canal where it deposits off into a unadulterated, pure, untainted, virtuous lake.

Soon after viewing the scenery panoramically, it’s not hard to realize it’s not only that lake that gives off its own aroma of beauty, the whole vicinity has its own specific critique in every nook and cranny. Statuesque is the best way to portray the scenery. Looking from west to east the vivacious view is almost robust, from the west there are many trees and wilderness, as you begin looking more to your right you begin to see a long stream that deposits off into the hug lake that surrounds the whole scene. The more you...
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