Apple Iphone 4s Marketing Strategy.

Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., Steve Jobs Pages: 7 (1620 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Group Assignment #2.

Developing Marketing Plan for Apple Iphone4s.

Professor: Jennifer Hanson. Best in Teaching: Marketing600-3T1:MarketingConcepts. Developing a Marketing Plan.

1. Describe the current competitive market for your product. Can you identify the number of brands or market share they hold? Expand your analysis to include other products that are similar or could be subsituted for yours. Answer:

|Product |Place |Promotion |People |Price | |I-phone 4S (IOS) |US: West and East cost. |Internet marketing , Newspapers, |Business people group, young |Official price is | | | |Magazines, TV, Every social site, |working people,Modern Students,|$199-$299 with | | | |Hoarding, Display in shopping malls,|People of age group btw 23-45|Contract agreement of| | | |and ETC. |yrs. |Network. If going | | | | | |with out contract it | | | | | |will cost $500. | |Samsung Galaxy S II |US: East and West coast.|Internet Marketing,Newspapers, |Business people, Young Working |Official pricing is | |(Android) | |Magazines, TV ads and Radio |generation,Students and People |$149 with contract | | | |advertisement, Hoardings, Every |of age group btw 23- 45yrs. |agreement. If going | | | |social site, Display in shopping | |without contract cost| | | |malls, and ETC. | |$400. | |Blackberry(BBX) |US |On-line, newspapers, magazines TV |Offical employees, Government |$99 with Contract | | | |and radio advertisement, and ETC. |Officers, Business People and |agreement. If going | | | | |Working people of age btw |with out contract | | | | |25-45yrs. |cost $450. | |Nokia(windows) |US |Internet Marketing,Newspapers, |It was lauched with an |Around $99 with | | | |Magazines, TV ads and Radio |intention to cover all the |contract agreement . | | | |advertisement, Hoardings, Every |people who wants inexpensive, |If going without a | | | |social site, Display in shopping |functional and reliable device.|contract cost $350. | | | |malls, and ETC. | | |

Market share:
Iphone: The new Iphone has a market share of 28% in United States. Android: Talking about the Androids they dominate market with 43% share. Blackberry: Blackberry again going well and has a 18% share in United States market. Windows: On the other hand Windows is trying with 11% US market share. Resource:...
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