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The Grill
Business Plan

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Business Idea4
What will the business do?4
Who will pay the business to do it?4
Why will they pay the business to do it?4
Market Research5
Target Market5
Customer Segments5
Industry Analysis5
Customer Characteristics6
SWOT Analysis7
Business Ownership Structure8
Scheduling and Human Resources8
Location and Transportation9
Furnishings, Equipment and Services10
Product and Service Direct Costs11
Four ‘P’ Analysis13
Financial Forecast15
Sales Plan15
Start-up Financing15
12-Month Financial Forecast15
Commercial Risk17
Property and Liability Risk17
Action Plan18


Executive Summary

* The name of my grill is “the Grill” and it is a sole proprietorship * This business provides people with grilled food, a place where they can hang out and have fun with great quality food, people will be taking everyone’s order and getting them what they want and customers will want to buy their product because they will have great food in a great place * The target market is people that are in there early 20s to any age, paying a set amount to the size of their portion and this type of business it competitive with other bars/grills * This business is in the food industry

* People will be taking everyone’s orders and getting them what they want then after they are all done they can ask for the cheque and someone will bring it to them. * Through advertisements, posting up fliers for people to see and some posters with celebrity endorsements * The start up cost of my restaurant is approximately around $200,000 the financial costs will be met by taking loans and putting in some of my own money. * Project sales on the menus and there advertisements

* The risks are affordable and inspectors
* Spending money one all the essentials and putting my business out there


Business Idea

What will the business do?
My business will be providing people with a place to hang out and giving them great drinks and quality made food by people. The thing that my restaurant provides that most others do not is that they provide u with a mode of transportation back to your home or where you live.

Who will pay the business to do it?
My customers will be a variety of people but they will all have to be a legal drinking age but if they are not they can still come to my bar and grill but they will not be offered alcohol.

Why will they pay the business to do it?
Reasons to why people would like my quality of food and the services and would want to come back and they might even tell their friends or family and then bring in more customers. Another reason to why people would want to come to my business is because it is a place where people could come and hang out there friends no matter their age but will not be provided with the same products or services as an adult would.

Market Research

Target Market

My business will be located in downtown Toronto because there are a lot of buildings and a lot of busy people there that might just want to hang out somewhere. My potential customers are practically anyone that wants to hang out but depending on their age they will be treated differently because if there are under the age or 18 then they will not be provided with some products and services. There are going to be a lot of customers in this area because Toronto is a busy place most of the time with a lot of people that might just need to take a load off.

Secondary Research
Describe the secondary research you used to determine these findings. I searched up online to check how many bar and grills were successful in downtown Toronto and found that there are a few that are very successful. I also researched the population of downtown Toronto and saw that it is not...
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