Apple Innovation Strategy

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School of Business STR/581 Strategic Planning & Implementation

Whenever there is any question including about what assignments are due, this syllabus is considered the ruling document.

Point Values for Course Assignments                                                                                       

Individual (90%) |  |
Participation (All Six Weeks) 180 Pts| |
Week 1| 30|
Week 2| 30|
Week 3| 30|
Week 4| 30|
Week 5| 30|
Week 6| 30|
Ethics Reflection Paper (Week 1)| 60|
Research Proposal (Week 2)| 20|
External and Internal Environmental Analysis (Week 3) Written | 100| Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper (Week 4)| 90|
Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans (Week 5)| 100|
Strategic Plan (Week 6) | 200|
Comprehension Test (Online) (Week 6)| 150|
Learning Team (10%) | |
Innovation Strategy Paper (Week 2) | 100| Total | 1000|

Week One

Mission, Vision, and Values

* Identify major components of a strategic management process. * Define organizational mission, vision, and values statements. * Explain the role of ethics and corporate social responsibility in strategic planning.

Course Assignments


Read The Strategic Management Process to Emergent Strategies in Ch. 1 of Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage.
Read Ch. 1–3 & 14 of Strategic Management.
Read Five Ps For Strategy to Strategies for Change in Ch. 1 of The Strategy Process.
Read What Is Strategy? to Reflecting On The Strategy Process in Ch. 1 of The Strategy
Read Ch. 12 of The Strategy Process.
Final Assignment/Project

Your Final Project, which weeks two through week’s five assignments will be in respect too, is to create a Strategic Plan and a Implementation Plan for a company that you want to start. Your plan(s) are to be to the depth and clarity required to present and sell your new company to Wall Street Investors, Capital Venture Investors, Trust Funds, Bankers, Stock and Bond Investors, and potential partner(s). Therefore, this is comprehensive strategic/business and implementation plan that gives a clear detailed picture of why, what, where, when, who and how you plan to gain market share by creating and sustaining not only the company but also a competitive advantage in your chosen market. With a few restrictions as to the type and market of your company, you will determine what product(s) and/or service your company will provide and the geographic location. Your company will have 5 to 100 employees not including owners. First year sales have to be a minimum of 3 million dollars, or a minimum of 1.5 million dollars start-up investment. Sixty percent of the initial start-up investment is your own money and you have to raise the remaining forty percent

Non-graded, Assignment
* Submit via the Assignment Link forum a brief outline of your proposed new company. Your facilitator will formally approve this choice, or recommend reconsideration, prior to your Research Proposal assignment. *

* You must have approval for your company prior to your Research Proposal assignment; it is a requirement of Week Two assignment.

* Individual Assignment: Ethics Reflection Paper
Resources: Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments
Use the Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments to revisit your personal and professional values. * Write a paper of no more than 1,050-words in which you do the following: *

* Explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan,...
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