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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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ABOUT APPLE Apple Inc, an America multinational company that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal company. Apple was founded in 1976, as Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak, and Ron Wayne produced the personal PC named Apple Ⅰ, thats the born of Apple first product. In the next decades, Apple became famous because of their Macintosh product line of computer and electronic devices like iMac desktop PC, Macbook pro personal computer and iPhone. Beside hardware, their Operating System software like Mac OS X is also one of their famous product that became a vital threat for their competitor like Microsoft’s windows OS. Besides that, the released of iPhone in 2007 is a milestone for Apple, they reinvent a smartphone devices and gain big market share from the mobile phone market. Till 2011, according to Apple’s earnings report, iPhone sales accounted for about $ 12.298 billion, half of Apple’s total revenue. By October 2010, Apple has 317 retail stores in 10 countries, and also online store that available for customer to purchase online. As august 2011, Apple rated one of the largest company by market capitalization and most valuable technology company in the world, surmounting Microsoft (‘Apple Inc’ 3/8/11).



Apple store, the very initial place or location that customer get in touch with apple’s product and sales personnel. Apple stores are always full of experiences sales personnel that ready to serve customer and solve the question and wonder of their customer. With this strategy, customer can feel that Apple actually care about their customer’s question and problems, they ready to solve their customer problems and questions question anytime, the friendly and helpful staff that service customer with their patient will let customer feel more comfortable and left positive impression on Apple’s customer services and their store. No only that, the friendly and helpfulness of sales

personnel can always attract more people to walk in their store to try out their product and be served by their sales personnel. This will definitely build a good relationship with their customer and higher their new customer rate. Besides that, the environment of apple store also one of the important aspect that boost the walk-in rate. An Apple store always full of their product demo unit that allows the customer to experience the product before they purchase their product, not only satisfied customer’s eager to try, with so many demonstration device unit that exhibited and let customer to try before they purchase will also attract new customer walk-in their store to explore and experience their products. (Appendix 2.0)

ONLINE STORE Beside physical store, Apple do also provide online virtual store for customer that have no to time to visit the physical store. The rich of informations and introduction of Apple’s product on their official online store also bring customer a brand new online shopping experiences. The simple and user friendly website interface and purchasing guide give customer an easy purchase procedure on purchasing their product. For example, the other optional purchase and accessories of the selected device will be categorized and suggested for customer in one webpage for customer to choose before they continue to payment. Besides that, the product and services features will be fully introduced not only through words, but also video and pictures. This will create easiness for customer in understanding their product. Apple is an international company and electronic devices pioneer around the world, to sell their product globally and overcome the communication problem between different country, there are 106 countries and regions option to let their customer in different region to choose in their Apple online store. The different regions Apple online store will have appropriate language in presenting their product,...
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