Apple Inc. and Mac Laptops

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Report on the different ways to improve Apple's sales of Mac laptops.


Report on the different ways to improve Apple's sales of Mac laptops.

Prepared for:
Mr. Steve Jobs

Prepared by:
Shou Heng, Guan
Yu Shiun, Tan
Zhi Ping, Ng
Guo Ren, Kuah

December 6, 2010

Executive Summary

Apple has a wide range of products from computers like Macintosh (Mac) to MP3 players like iPod to other devices with special combination like iPad and iPhone. For Macintosh, computers and laptops includes the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac mini and Mac pro. In this report, we will be focusing only on the laptops in the Macintosh selection.

The purpose of this report is to assess the different ways Apple can improve in the sales of Macintosh laptops. The scope of the report covers the branding preferences, features of laptops, uses of product, marketability and quality of service.

Research was conducted through a survey with a total of 42 respondents and out of which 7 of them are Mac users. Laptop users of all ages and occupations were given the survey to ensure a diversification of results. Although Apple has branches worldwide, this research focuses mainly on the improvement that can be done in Singapore.

Research has shown that 88% of the respondents felt that the prices of Macintosh are too high. Most of the respondents regard Macintosh as a luxury good due to the slight difference in the prices as compared to other brands. In addition, 82% of the respondents have sub-par knowledge on how to operate Mac laptops efficiently. It is often seen as normal for users to avoid purchasing a Mac laptop if they don’t know how to operate one. Moreover, Mac users are still reliant on the Windows OS as research has shown that 57% of the owners install Windows OS on Mac laptops.

Additional research also shows that many consumers were influenced by their peers, thus it is understood how this area could further be utilized to promote the sales of Mac laptops. Service reputation also plays a big role in sales and further studies has shown that service had been satisfactory, as all of the Mac users do not have problems when approaching a service centre.

The study concluded that the mindset of the public in regarding Mac as a luxury good needs to be changed and more should be done to allow people to learn how to operate a Mac efficiently. More tutorials on how to operate Macintosh should be presented or posted. A possible solution to the compatibility problem for software is to collaborate with software developers.

1. Introduction

Through technological developments and the importance of Internet, laptops have changed from being a luxury item into an indispensible item at present. Reports have shown an increasing demand for laptops. Companies such as Apple has shown a 33% increase in Mac Sale, from the 2.6 million units sold in the third quarter of 2009 to 3.47 million Macs sold in the third quarter of 2010 and 71% of the Mac sales being laptops. (Philip Michaels & Jason Snell, 2010)

With laptop companies such as Dell and Fujitsu which uses product differentiation as a key selling point; offering laptops equipped with different features such as touch screen, Blu-Ray players for high-definition movies and TV tuner not available in Macintosh (Mac) laptops, it would be important to explore on how Macintosh's sale of laptops in Singapore can be improved so that Macintosh will not lose out in this competitive market.

1.1 Purpose of report

The purpose of this report is to assess the different ways to improve Apple's sales of Mac laptops.

1.2 Scope of report

The following issues were carried out to investigate the different ways on improving Mac sales and the analysis on the public opinion of Mac laptops and Apple services:

Branding preference for laptops

Features of laptops

Uses of Mac laptop

Quality of...
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