Apple Inc. and Determination

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy” said Ms. Valerie Frizzle. Her comprehension of determination was made in a generalization of it being to have a set goal, and having a determine to reach that goal. For example Steve Jobs made the first IPod in the world, and then was determined to make a more improved one, and the same went on for years. Along with the Mac books, and the IPhones. He had to have gone through sleepless nights and skipping meals. His determination lead to a legendary invention, and has only improved more and more. He changed the world, and his inventions are still alive after his death. That kind of determination is rare and very unique due to the fact that the products are constantly being updated after his death and that’s why I say his determination made him a legend. Determination is a key to success because without determination Steve Jobs would have never made apple, and would have never given us the choice to get an apple product. When you have determination your mind functions one way, and that way is to do whatever it takes to do what you determine to do. And the way determination could help the world is that everyone would be determined to achieve something and no one will be on the streets for help. Determination is a just one of those things you either have or you need because you will fail every second of your life without it. I conclude determination is a trait we all need in order to get somewhere in life, and sure well get messy, and make mistakes, but well get somewhere with them.
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