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By | June 2009
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Apple Inc., formerly known as Apple Computers Inc. as of 2007,was co-founded by two college dropouts, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They began as a garage start-up business April 1, 1976. Wozniak, 26 at the time, was an enthusiastic computer hobbyist. He was working on the Apple I computer; nothing more than a mere single circuit board that had no keyboard or power supply. It was geared more toward the computer and electronic hobbyists1. After suggesting to each of their employers that they should invest in their microcomputer, both were turned down. With only about thirteen hundred dollars combined, Jobs and Wozniak began to sell the Apple I on their own. “We were real small-time operators, kind of like somebody who sold arts and crafts.”2 In the beginning years they were selling the computers from the home of Jobs’ parents. As only a moderate success, selling only about two hundred computers, they still saw potential to sell to a wider market. “They ultimately settled upon a strategy of starting with the hobbyist market and the expanding from that base to pull in professionals with small operations.”3When they began to outgrow the space in the garage, they moved their business to Cupertino, California, which is currently worldwide headquarters for Apple Inc. As time went on, Wozniak started to work on the Apple II computer. It was to be more aesthetically appealing and provideda greater range of functions. However, they did not have the necessary funds to build and market the machine themselves. “In 1976, Jobs decided it was time to expand Apple's horizons, and sought contacts with venture capitalists. After an initial rebuff, he made the connection with Armas Clifford Markkula, who agreed to underwrite a bank loan of $250,000 to start a company that would build the Apple II. Thus was born Apple Computer Inc.”4 They focused on building a more attractive and functional computer that could be used byall. From when it was first introduced,the Apple II...

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