Apple Inc.

Topics: Apple Inc., IPod, IPhone Pages: 58 (16261 words) Published: September 10, 2012
2.Analysis of the PC segment7
2.2PESTEL Analysis8
2.2.1 Political8
2.2.2 Economic8
2.2.3 Social8
2.2.4 Technological8
2.2.5 Environmental9
2.2.6 Legal9
2.2.7Identification of drivers9
2.35 Porter’s forces10
2.3.1 Rivalry among competing firms10
2.3.2 Bargaining power of suppliers10
2.3.3 Bargaining power of customers10
2.3.4 Threat of new entrants10
2.3.5 Threat of Substitutes10
2.4Strategic group mapping12
2.5 Competitive Profile Matrix14
2.57s model15
2.5.1 7s Model Components:15
2.5.2 Strategy:16
2.5.3 Structure:17
2.5.4 Systems:18
2.5.5 Values of the Company:18
2.5.6 Style:20
2.5.7 Staff:20
2.5.8 Skills:21
2.6 Core competences VRIO analysis21
2.6IFE Matrix for PCs23
2.7EFE Matrix for PCs24
2.9 SPACE Matrix25
2.10 Grand Strategy Matrix28
2.11 Conclusions29
3.Analysis of the iphone segment31
3.1 Introduction31
3.2 5 Porter’s forces33
3.3 Strategic group mapping35
3.4 Competitive Profile Matrix36
3.5 SWOT Analysis37
3.6 IFE Matrix for smartphones38
3.7 EFE for smartphones39
3.8 Space Matrix for smartphones40
3.9 Grand Strategy Matrix for smartphone industry42
3.10 Conclusion43
4.Analysis of the ipod segment44
4.1 Introduction44
4.2 PESTEL Analysis45
4.3 5 Porter’s Forces46
4.4 CPM Matrix for ipods48
4.5 S.W.O.T. Analysis for iPod49
4.6IFE MATRIX for ipod50
4.7EFE matrix for ipod51
4.8 SPACE Matrix52
4.9 Grand Strategy Matrix for ipod54
4.10 Conclusion55
5.Analysis of the ipad sector56
5.1 Introduction56
5.2 Market statistics59
5.3 Consumer Targets60
5.4 Pestel Analysis61
5.5 5 Porter’s forces64
Source: Based on the authors’ own analysis of the Apple Inc. case created by David B. Yoffie and Renee Kim, 2010Threat of New Entrants64 Threat of New Entrants65
Power of Suppliers65
Power of Buyers65
Threat of Substitutes66
Competitive Rivalry66
5.6 Strategic Group Mapping67
5.7 CPM for ipads69
5.8 SWOT Analysis for ipad71
5.9 IFE Matrix for ipad73
5.10 EFE Matrix for ipad75
This matrix indicates that Apple iPad has a strong external position and its opportunities greatly exceed its threats.76 5.11 SPACE Matrix for ipad77
5.12 Grand Strategy Matrix for ipads:79
5.13 Mc Kinsey Matrix for all SBUs of Apple Inc.81
5.14 BCG Matrix for all SBUs of Apple Inc.82
5.13 Conclusion83
6.1 Introduction84
6.2 QSPM for PCs industry of Apple Inc., 200985

List of Tables
Table 1: Analysis of drivers for Apple Inc. 200910
Table 2: 5 Porter’s forces model for Apple Inc, 200912
Table 3: Data for strategic group mapping, 200913
Table 4: Strategic groups in the PC industry14
Table 5:Competitive profile matrix for PC industry, 200915
Table 6: The 7s McKinsey Model for Apple Inc., 200916
Table 7: Structure of Apple Inc., 200918
Table 8: VRIO Model for Apple, 200923
Table 9: IFE Matrix for Apple Inc. PC segment, 200924
Table 10: EFE Matrix for Apple Inc. PC segment, 200925
Table 11: Data for SPACE matrix for Apple Inc. PC segment, 200927 Table 12: SPACE matrix for Apple Inc PC segment., 200928
Table 11: Data for the Grand Strategy Matrix for Apple Inc .PC segment, 200929 Table 12: Grand Strategy Matrix for Apple Inc. PC segment, 200929 Table 13: Iphone33
Table 14: 5 Porter’s Forces for Apple Inc., iphone product line, 200934 Table 15: Strategic Mapping for Apple Inc. smartphone’s segment, 200936 Table 15: Some data for CPM for smartphones CPM37

Table 16: CPM for Apple Inc. smartphone’s segment, 200937 Table 17: SWOT Analysis of the smartphone’s segment of Apple Inc., 200938 Table 18: IFE for smartphone’s industry for Apple Inc., 200939 Table 19: EFE for smartphone’s industry for Apple Inc., 200940 Table 20: Data for SPACE matrix for smartphone’s industry for Apple Inc., 200941 Table 21: SPACE Matrix for smartphone’s industry...
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