Apple Executive Summary: Market, Competition, Product, Technology, Sales, Operation and Financial Projection

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I. Executive Summary

II. Market And Competition Analysis
* Market Opportunity
* Market Size
* Our Section of the Market
* Market Segmentation
* Market Growth
* Market Competition

III. Product and Technology
* Product Technologies
* Product Uniqueness
* Product Usage
* The iShare and Digital Rights Management

IV. Marketing, Sales, and Operation
* Production
* Distribution
* Pricing Strategy
* Advertising
* Sustaining Competitive Advantage

V. Management Team and Advisory Board

VI. Finance
* Financial Projection
* Break-Even Period and Payback Period
* Funding
* Cost Control
* Return on Investment
* Exit Strategy

Executive Summary
The iShare is an innovative product designed to offer more convenience and speed in file sharing. iShare aims to help eliminate the traditional inconveniences and complicated requirements involved when transferring files between any two Apple i-devices, to give users the joy of easy sharing, and to deliver sustainable profit to its shareholders. This business plan concerns the introduction of iShare to the Thai market. MARKET ANALYSIS

We aim to be the expert in file-sharing gadgets between any electronic devices. We decided to first begin by developing a device called the iShare, which enables music sharing between the Apple iPods/iPhones before we go further and make similar products for other brands like Samsung and HTC in the future. The target market for iShare is mainly the Thai middle-to-upper-class, younger generation who owns an iPod/iPhone and have solid income to spend on this innovative gadget. Our market size is carefully calculated to be approximately 200,000,000 THB for the iShare alone and up to 1,000,000,000 THB in total. Our direct competitor is miShare LLC, which offers a similar product to customers in the US and Europe. Indirect competitors include other computer programs that enable easy file transfer between e-devices as well. PRODUCT AND TECHNOLOGY

The iShare is a small device that connects 2 iPods or iPhones together, and let users easily transfer files from one device to another without any computer required. We aim to provide our customers the never-before convenience, speed, and the fun of directly transferring files between their device and their friends’. The iShare will also overcome the technical problems and satisfy the customer needs that has not been met previously by our main competitor, miShare LLC. We will develop the software ourselves and outsource the production to China. After we succeed with the iShare, similar products capable with HTC Android and Samsung Galaxy will be introduced to the market. MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGY

The iShare will be launched in the middle of the year 2012. They will be sold directly to first tier distributors who will then pass them on to other retailers. The iShare can be purchased from any iStudio and authorized retail stores. Customers can also find an online user manual, a demonstration video, and many more useful information on the iShare website. The iShare will be advertised through various distribution channels such as social networking websites, printed advertising, and viral marketing. MANAGEMENT TEAM

Our team is composed of many talented members with different expertise and great connections. We have a technology expert with a background in consumer electronics, a talented software programmer and developer, an experienced and amazingly creative designer who specializes in hi-tech gadget designs, and a very devoting marketing manager with 5 years of experience in marketing consumer electronics. In addition, we also have a close relationship with a huge manufacturing company in China, which will be our supplier and manufacturer for the iShare. The company has confidently claimed that it is capable of producing our product at our desired cost, given our carefully developed software...
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