Apple Corporation

Topics: Management, Personal computer, Ethics Pages: 5 (1687 words) Published: June 7, 2010
External/Internal Factors

Apple is a company that has the most innovative technology and is one of the most respected global companies today that has diversity as a priority. In an Era when most technology outfits have tightened their belts to adapt to a slower- growing market, only one company stands out for forging ahead with innovation and that is Apple. In Business environments of today the four functions of management must work in harmony for business to have a better chance of succeeding. A vital part in allowing the four functions of management to work is through delegation. Globalization and technology is at the forefront of Apple’s organization. We will look at how Apple uses the four functions of management to work with the global market and the four functions are used in creating the products.

Apple has a few Internal factors within the Apple Corporation that can affect the four functions of management. The first of which is planning of the corporation; the preliminary business plan was conceived in the garage of Steve Jobs in 1976. Apple had the future goal of the company in mind making the prototype of the operating systems, virus protection, and finding private investors to see the potential in the computers and to help fund the company. The young men that invented the Apple I and II were concerned with the integration of products that were compatible software for Apple’s operating system and potentially larger markets. According to the (Computer History Museum 2008) refers to the idiosyncratic management style of Jobs’ during the creation of Apple II personal computer was an internal factor for those that were on the team at that time been confined in Jobs’ garage. The external factor that has come to affect the four functions of management within the Apple Corporation were when IBM came along with own version of a Personal Computer in the 80’s. It brought attention to the positioning of the internal structure of the computer so that these products and ideas will surpass all the other competition. Other factors that may have affected on the company’s success is the world wide communications as well as products that are leading the way in today with technology with the popularity of the I-Phone, I-Tunes, and the I-Pod. Within this corporation they have a hard working team of employees that work hard to stay above the competition by marketing their products to all different diverse groups people.

Apple has always been a diverse company. Apple has taken social and environmental responsibilities very serious and have made many steps to prove this. In 1993 a diversity program was established in order to allow minorities and women to thrive in a business that has historically not been marketing towards those groups. The company wants different groups to understand, respect, and purchase their products. The diversity program works with different organizations that offers training and feedback on helping the business develop diversity techniques that will give them the advantage with competitors. Apple recognizes that employees bring different perspectives to the work environment. A multicultural work environment must be looked at as a learning tool, where you grow as well as help the company even more diverse in the process. When you incorporate different cultures, races, and genders into a company it can help broaden the company’s growth and all the differences in the work place can help expand the minds of both the company as well as the employees. Diversity can reduce lawsuits and can increase marketing opportunities. The challenges to managing a diverse work group can be great. Negative attitudes and behaviors can be an obstacle for organizational diversity.

Ethics is a system of moral principles. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics covers a wide range of practices and procedures in business. Obeying the laws and rules based in your organization is usually the foundation...
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